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If the British had entered the American Civil War, would it have altered the outcome? by beernoser
English participation in the Civil War would have been decisive in my opinion. There would not have been great invasions to or from Canada. Instead, the union would be blockaded and the CSA's blockade would be lifted. This would have had so many ...
Liberty: The Grapes of Wrath by Taylor
A few musings on a particularly cold and snowy Thursday morning.... I’ve been thinking about the meaning of “liberty” all week now and how we all tend to perceive this word as it applies in our every day lives, and on an even ...

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I can't help you on the inspector general question but I can on Colonel Hypolite Oladowski, Bragg's ordnance chief. His obit may be found on line in the Columbus Daily Enquirer, Aug. 17, ...
by Larry J. Daniel - 19 hours ago
my great grandfathers grave marker say veteran post 622 conf ohio HA what does that mean?
by Guest - 1 day ago
Two interesting points about this book.Very early in the story, Longstreet talks of getting his first command of a brigade in the CSA army. He lists a few officers who fought with him as ...
by beernoser - 2 days ago
This is a presentational sword or your can say ceremonial sword if its edges are not sharp and its also looks like a cavalry sword.
by Dixie - 4 days ago
Great overall view of McClellan's inept ability to lead in battle. It is difficult for me not to make the next leap in thinking that his numerous decisions to not act, at key moments that ...
by Andrew - 4 days ago
Thank you for bringing up an interesting topic, Regards, Darrell Combs
by DLC - 4 days ago
Really, there's two separate questions being discussed.The first is whether it is likely England would join the Civil War against the Union side. I think the answer to that is clearly no. ...
by beernoser - 5 days ago
Was just hoping for some more info than just rare on this button, the patent info is online but this button info is not. Button maker, made date range, volume of buttons produced, possibly ...
by PWG Button - 5 days ago
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