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Are people today still affected by the Civil War? by fstroupe
In my opinion, the average American is affected little to none today by the war. I do not think that slavery would have ever survived much past the turn of the 20th Century if that long. The vast majority of Americans know little to nothing about the Civil War today, its causes, the battles, the personalities, and the effects, other than what little they remember from school, which was tainted ...
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Yeah,perhaps detroit would have been better off if all the africans hadnt been shipped in to the north american continent in the first place. The south was not viable in 1860 nor would it ...
by jimmy - 1 hour ago
It was attacked on purpose,their was no confusion,israel did not want thwir signals intercepted by anyone. Nor was the ship sunk,just badly damaged. Israel has no qualms about attacking ...
by jimmy - 1 hour ago
What about the plethora of letters from these pows claiming decent treatment? These prisoners had access to better medical care and more food than most of their comrades in the field. The ...
by jimmy - 1 hour ago
You really love to hang your hat on strawman arguments. American citizens habe zero need for assault rifles with thirty round clips. Gun insurance is a great way to force gun owners to be ...
by jimmy - 2 hours ago
The south attacked first. They wanted war. The south has always been poor,with thw exception of the large scale slave owners and plantations. The south by and large was agrarian and had ...
by jimmy - 3 hours ago
Yes, Lincoln was a fishy individual.
by LiveVegan - 21 hours ago
Thanks for that suggestion; will try that avenue. (I'm still following up one or two angles, but quickly running out of leads). Frank.
by fburns3333 - 1 day ago
I have The digital file already I just couldn't here it is, thanks so much!
by Shannon - 1 day ago
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