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Moses Dallas: Colored Pilot of the Savannah Naval Squadron by Taylor
Image result for pictures of pilot moses dallas during the american civil war
Credit for this post: Dylan Moses Dallas, C olored Pilot of the Savannah Naval Squadron Moses Dallas served on the gunboat CSS Savannah as a pilot, and was praised by Savannah Naval Squadron commander Captain William A. Webb as “the best ...
If the Confederacy had won at Gettysburg.... by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Constitutionalist. First to consider the Confederate States of America's actions after a victory at Gettysburg, one must examine the cause of the fray. As Jefferson Davis (president of CSA, named after Thomas ...

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The details are different it might depend on which statistics they based the report on.
by Marra M - 16 minutes ago
Is that different from Battle of Plum Point Bend or it is the same one?
by Marra M - 17 minutes ago
Yes, battle cries are pure instinctive way of showing that armies are ready to fight. When chanted in unison it is awesome. Just like that Mel Gibson movie Braveheart and some other ones. ...
by Marra M - 21 minutes ago
Along with Moses Dallas and Confederate Lieutenant Pelot on the Confederate side, another casualty in the fight for the Water Witch was a brave man on the Union side. Unlike Moses Dallas, ...
by EastTennessee1948 - 14 hours ago

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