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The Bayonet, The Charge, And Its Place In Warfare (Part 3) by 1stTexReb
By russian artist N.S. Samokish (Самокиш, Николай Семенович, 1860—1944) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons So now we must examine whether the bayonet had a place in influencing the outcomes of battles and if it should still have a place in our modern military forces, or is this weapon truly obsolete? I would argue that the bayonet is far from ...

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Hello Sir, Well I am making a list of Gillmore Medal recipients. Your relative did certainly serve in the 48th New York Vols. and they were on Hilton Head, at Fort Sumter and Morris Island. ...
by Nick - 1 day ago
Hello, I have been working on a list of Gillmore Medal recipients. I have near 100 names - I would say at least 95 of them are verified. There are 60 New Hampshire soldiers and 10 Rhode ...
by Nick - 1 day ago
I have a list of known Officers and Privates of the 1st GA Cavalry Co. A which mustered in Rome. There is no S. W. Davis listed.
by D. W. Gurley - 1 day ago
I apologize, but I'm not quite sure what your question is. Are you trying to figure out if the sword is from the Civil War?
by 1stTexReb - 1 day ago
Mike D, I absolutely agree with your assessment that the South was very close to winning a major victory at Gettysburg on several occasions.
by 1stTexReb - 3 days ago
Hello I have my GG grandfather civil war medal. His name was Charles William Flowers. Co.K, 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry. I am wanting to get it framed, but before i do i have found there ...
by jacquie - 3 days ago
Lawdog asked: > Did the south secede in response to Lincoln being elected? Yes, but it wasn't in response to Lincoln as a person, but because his election as president ushered in control ...
by Seamuson - 4 days ago
1stTexReb, yes, I imagine it must have been terrifying to have the enemy keep coming despite the odds being against them!
by Vale - 4 days ago
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