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Confederate Lt. Colonel Abraham Fulkerson 63rd Tennessee Infantry: One Of The Immortal 600 by EastTennessee1948
A Native of Southwest Virginia / east Tennessee, born on May 13, 1834, in Washington County, Virginia. His father, Abraham Sr. was a Captain of Virginia Militia in the War of 1812. His grandfather, James fought at King's Mountain during the Revolution. The Colonel graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1857. One of his Professors was Thomas Jonathan (soon to be known as "Stonewall" ...

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This is a nice document to have access too. I have found it on another website, but there were so many pop-ups that I felt the viruses attacking as I read. It's nice to have a secure copy.
by Sir didymous - 2 hours ago
The song information is interesting, but the page's statements about McClellan's Civil War record range from unfair to erroneous.
by Mike Griffith - 8 hours ago
This is all I know right now. Ridabock & Co New York operated after the Civil War from 1883 to 1975.
by Gettysburg Echos - 8 hours ago
I think the problem starts with the hidden assumption that POW's are not as good as those soldiers who died or continued fighting. One can see it in every war and on every side. The way the ...
by jade - 20 hours ago
Zug, Zook, Zuck genealogy:Wonderful article on Samuel K. Zook. It seems like a fairly old post, but I thought I might add some information on the Zook genealogy. I recently went through my ...
by rcmyer - 21 hours ago
Hi... was this sword also used in the Mexican-American War... one of my relatives was a Quarter Master Sgt ...
by Melody - 1 day ago
I'm currently researching to put together an Union Chaplain kit. I have found a lot of discussions on the uniform, but I haven't found it in the 1861 regulations. Does anyone know where I ...
by Sir didymous - 2 days ago
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