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Reuel C. Gridley: The Auction Man by Taylor
Reuel Colt Gridley circa 1864.jpg
Gridley with his sack of flour in 1864 Missouri native Reuel C. Gridley had served in the Mexican War before journeying in 1852 to California, where he worked as a miner, newspaperman, banker, and auctioneer, among other occupations. In April ...
A "Unique" Civil War Veteran From East Tennessee. by EastTennessee1948
Lieutenant Colonel William H. Ludlow (1821-1890) In June, 1863, Lt. Colonel William H Ludlow ( Federal Agent for Exchange of Prisoners / 73rd New York Volunteer Infantry), angrily wrote to his Confederate counterpart about the rebels refusal to ...

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Thanks everyone. Jade, I tripped on it during one of my ebay searches for something, probably under "civil war", or "Confederate", etc. This was the type I wanted too rather than a sack ...
by blueshawk1 - 20 hours ago
You see that sort of comment often, and I usually take it as a barbed and sarcastic comment. "The rebels have black men who shoot our men and destroy the government, but how dare we arm ...
by andersonh1 - 1 day ago
Hiram Rhodes Revels was elected by the Mississippi State Legislature to succeed Albert G. Brown, who resigned during the ACW.
by Taylor - 1 day ago
I have found the same sword u ever get any answers?
by Sword - 1 day ago
Hi, I too have a possible cannonball. Cannot find anything like it on line. It is spherical, cast iron with two cylindrical cavities. It is about 22 pounds and 5.8 inches in diameter. ...
by snattsas - 3 days ago
If you're referring to east Tennessee, western Virginia and North Carolina, Kentucky, and Missouri, Union sympathy was already there. Once Union troops were close enough for men from these ...
by EastTennessee1948 - 3 days ago
Yes he did sign it.
by Mike - 4 days ago

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