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Mary Todd Lincoln: An Unfairly Vilified First Lady? by Taylor
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Born on December 13, 1818, to Robert and Eliza Todd, the child who was destined to become First Lady of the United States, Mary’s early beginnings were that of a pampered child, whose father was a wealthy patrician, descending from a variety ...
Unusual Civil War Mascots : "Old Abe" by EastTennessee1948
The 8th Wisconsin Infantry was known as "The Eagle Regiment". Its mascot was a bald eagle named, "Old Abe". "Old Abe" miraculously survived fighting at Greenville, Island No. 10, Farmington, Corinth, Iuka, Henderson's Hill, Pleasant Hill, ...

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Hi everyone, We wanted to let all of you know that we have done some serious research on over 3000 blogs that were published on one of the sites. When we looked at some of the formatting ...
by Vale - 22 hours ago
looking for a staff colonel under Bedford Forrest by the name of Moses James Marion Mason, or Col. M. J. Mason or J. M. Mason if anyone knows his name?
by Guest - 22 minutes ago
I've also thought about & researched Wilson Kilgore.
by Beckie - 32 minutes ago
I have the following S/N prints for sale. All are professionally matted and framed. Anyone interested? Print Name Artist Name Williamsport Crossing John Paul Strain Cross Over the ...
by JEM - 1 hour ago
I have the following S/N prints for sale. All are framed. Anyone interested? Print Name/ Artist Name Williamsport Crossing/John Paul Strain Cross Over the River/Mort Kunstler Parker's ...
by JEM - 2 hours ago
I have acquired this sword and I am trying to find more information about it including its makers mark. There is also a name on the blade but I can't make it out. Any help would be ...
by Erin McNeal - 1 day ago

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