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CSS H.L. Hunley by Mike D.
The CSS H.L.Hunley was the forerunner of the modern submarine and its very existence was a marvel at the time. The "Fish Boat" as it was called, was built in Mobile Alabama from an old boiler... The Hunley was named for the man who conceived of ...
The Confederate Half-Brothers, And Brothers-In-Law, Of Mary Todd Lincoln by EastTennessee1948
President Lincoln reportedly once said of his wife's family, "God Almighty is perfectly content having one "d" at the end of his name. The Todds insist on having two". The strained relationship with his in-laws, surely wasn't improved by the ...

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Th'AnchoriticSybarite wrote: Secondly I do feel that Longstreet has to shoulder some of the blame. His actions bordered on classic passive-aggressive behavior. In essence because he ...
by blueshawk1 - 1 day ago
I agree. Hood was **** sure no improvement over Johnston. In two senseless suicidal attacks ordered by Hood, cost the army of Tennessee 12,500 men out of his 23,000 before ordering the ...
by tony Houston - 1 day ago
Great post Mike ! Thanks for sharing.
by EastTennessee1948 - 1 day ago
The only possible thing which could have stopped Sherman's march through Georgia was the army that Hood hared off with to Tennessee and subsequently destroyed. Wheeler had about as much ...
by Th'AnchoriticSybar ite - 2 days ago
Have you found out what this is? I just recently found 2 don't know what they are
by Eddie Tilley - 3 days ago
He was proven wrong when he was shot through the head by a Union sharpshooter.
by Marra M - 4 days ago
I look forward to reading it, Taylor!
by Vale - 4 days ago

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