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What was the most important aspect of the civil war to understand? by Chet
Why the war was being fought. The supposed "new" way of thinking is that it wasn't fought because of slavery, and that is false. The rationale is that "only 10% of southerners owned slaves," "whites on both sides didn't care about the welfare of ...
The Columbiad cannonball by Ajhall
History of the Columbiad The Columbiad was an enormous weapon -- it would have to be to fire a 128 lb ball -- typically used in seacoast defense. They weren't used in combat very often due to their size and difficulty in moving and loading ...

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The conditions at Anderson prison were appauling, there is no debate on this, Union soldiers faces unspeakable horrors there.
by Chet - 12 minutes ago
You need to back up your claims with references.
by Chet - 14 minutes ago
No and yes.No because this was something that had been building. Yes because showing up with an army(which is illegal) and firing on an installation that they had no right to fire on means ...
by chet - 34 minutes ago
I didn't know there was another option other than guest. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism on an open forum thread, regardless of time.
by Chet - 18 hours ago
Wheeler was a brave little fighting rooster no doubt. Nevertheless as a commander of horse he couldn't hold a candle to Forrest OR Stuart
by macreverie - 20 hours ago
Here is another great analysis of "honest" Abe's actions in the days before Sumter. www.bonniebluepublishing.com/Lincoln%20and%20Fort%20Sumter.htm Anyone who can lay aside politically ...
by macreverie - 20 hours ago
It allowed for the consolidation of power (including the power to tax) into the Central government in Washington contrary to the principles of good government laid down by the founders. ...
by macreverie - 22 hours ago
"Hookers" :)
by Chet - 1 day ago
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