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Mary Todd Lincoln: An Unfairly Vilified First Lady? by Taylor
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Born on December 13, 1818, to Robert and Eliza Todd, the child who was destined to become First Lady of the United States, Mary’s early beginnings were that of a pampered child, whose father was a wealthy patrician, descending from a variety ...
Unusual Civil War Mascots : "Old Abe" by EastTennessee1948
The 8th Wisconsin Infantry was known as "The Eagle Regiment". Its mascot was a bald eagle named, "Old Abe". "Old Abe" miraculously survived fighting at Greenville, Island No. 10, Farmington, Corinth, Iuka, Henderson's Hill, Pleasant Hill, ...

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Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Lewis, Fort Carson, Fort Ord, Fort Meade, Fort Knox and Fort Jackson come to mind. (Jackson named after Andrew Jackson who has his own bad history, not Stonewall. Oh ...
by Bob of the Ozarks - 23 minutes ago
Forum rules will not allow me to send you my email address, so look for Wilson O'Neal on FB.
by Wilson - 2 hours ago
Answered that question in my last post!
by Taylor - 3 hours ago
She was successful at selling books that he used this male name to enlist in the army. She often disguise herself also as an Irish peddler.
by Marra M - 4 hours ago
Chamberlain was an ardent student of Jomini. Thus, whilst on the defensive and no matter how pressed Chamberlain would have been keen to counterattack. Thus, from his refused left flank, ...
by strategicstudyskil ls - 8 hours ago
Does anyone know where I could potentially sell/auction off a Confederate Flag that flew over the South Carolina State house? I have the certificate of authenticity signed by a state ...
by Guest - 1 day ago

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