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On December 13th, 1862, Federal forces suffered twelve thousand casualties, most were boys 18 years or younger on one of the bloodiest days in American history. Trying fourteen failed frontal assaults against the Confederate army located on the ...
The design of the Confederate Battle Flag by macreverie
William Porcher Miles who was chairman of the "Committee on the Flag and Seal", CS Congress originally favored a similar design (similar to the one finally selected) but with a "Latin" or "upright" Cross instead of a St. Andrews cross (or ...
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I would guess that it was some kind of United Confederate Veterans patch. (UCV was the largest Confederate Veterans' organization) The rectangular battleflag of the Army of Tennessee ...
by fstroupe - 6 hours ago
Do we have an oligarchy? Your thoughts on Why we fight by Dwight David Eisenhower ?
by Guest - 6 hours ago
A unique eyelet that some believe had a pin to affix the button to the uniform. Also are usually made of steel....iron and can rust, as opposed to most brass eyelets. There is a Web site ...
by Bill Stafford - 11 hours ago
I'll keep that in mind. There's a website, specifically for this. Google General staff buttons. Ck It out.......It'll Show YOU What I'm after. Bill
by Bill Stafford - 12 hours ago
This is very interesting. I have just recently been directed to General Orders 102 and 247. Both of these contain information on the uniform. The chaplain's uniform is described in full in ...
by Sir didymous - 12 hours ago
What if Longstreet had his engineers take down obstacles (rail fences, etc.) during the night, moved his troops to the line of departure under cover of darkness and to the final ...
by Acrobasis01 - 13 hours ago
Thanks, sounds interesting.
by Gettysburg Echos - 15 hours ago
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