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How to tighten a loose hilt by ADucote
I have tightened loose hilts two ways. Add a shim: One way is to use bamboo skewers as shims. Lightly tap the point in the gap where the blade's tang enters the guard alternating sides to form a tight hold. When the point in snug in the gap, twist the skewer to break the point off. Use a flathead screwdriver to tap any exposed wood down. This does no harm to the sword. Make a replacement ...

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I think that's part of being from our days western world. We cannot understand how can a slave accept his position peacefully and not fight to change it and we forget these were different ...
by jade - 3 hours ago
Thanks Jim, Would like to have it, but your email address doesn't show on your post as mine probably won't either! Flypop57 at America online dot com.
by Donald Miller - 4 hours ago
If you are trying to sell the sword, would it be better to try to fix a loose hilt or to leave it as is?
by Vale - 11 hours ago
EastTennesse1948, your jacket sounds interesting too, especially since you have a direct connection to it!
by Vale - 18 hours ago
I'm sorry. It's fake. CS swords are not armory or date stamped. This is a modern day Pakistani made sword.
by ADucote - 19 hours ago
Top pic is U.S. Grant.
by ADucote - 19 hours ago
Too difficult to really explain. I suggest getting some good reference books for a start. Also, look at the Leech and Rigdon repros offered for sale. I think that the most popular one is ...
by ADucote - 19 hours ago
Thanks for posting ! I love ol Sam ! Recently historian Thomas Cartwright did a program on "Co.Aytch" for our local C.W. round table. He portrays Sam. He's actually memorized the ...
by EastTennessee1948 - 1 day ago
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