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The Confederate Half-Brothers, And Brothers-In-Law, Of Mary Todd Lincoln by EastTennessee1948
President Lincoln reportedly once said of his wife's family, "God Almighty is perfectly content having one "d" at the end of his name. The Todds insist on having two". The strained relationship with his in-laws, surely wasn't improved by the ...
Brigadier General James Madison Drake and the Elizabeth Zouaves by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Reid. As an historian and proud Elizabethan, here are photos of the Zouaves in 1898 (above), the Elizabeth Zouave's medal, and a ribbon from their visit to Louisiana (second and third photos). Anything look familiar? ...

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It was about unfair practices that they receive in comparison to White Americans
by Marra M - 15 hours ago
Yes, freedom for all slaves in all States and oh boy did he ever encountered such resistance from those who did not find anything wrong with keeping slaves. Before the Emancipation ...
by Marra M - 15 hours ago
:thumb-up: Thanks for sharing this special story DustyJoe :)
by Marra M - 15 hours ago
Sword maker is CR Kirschbaum.
by Gettysburg Echos - 16 hours ago
Thank you. I had that in my "to buy" list and now I know better. Mike
by libraryguy - 1 day ago
Vale:I'm working on my "Mary Todd Lincoln blog" and hopefully it will save you some research, as much of it is about the mental and physical illnesses that the President's wife ...
by Taylor - 1 day ago
EliWolfe: Welcome and it was interesting to read your POV. I must admit that I'm curious regarding some of your comments, especially Mr. Lincoln "being ahead of his time," and ...
by Taylor - 1 day ago

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