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Are people today still affected by the Civil War? by fstroupe
In my opinion, the average American is affected little to none today by the war. I do not think that slavery would have ever survived much past the turn of the 20th Century if that long. The vast majority of Americans know little to nothing about the Civil War today, its causes, the battles, the personalities, and the effects, other than what little they remember from school, which was tainted ...
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We have recently received a DMCA notice for one of our sites to take down content posted by users. As a result, we have decided to remind everyone that vio
by admin - 2 days ago
jimmy wrote: If texas left the union it wouldnt be able to keep its nukes or any other weapons be it jets,tanks,humvees,ammo,rifles, etc. That us all us government property and uncle sam ...
by fstroupe - 4 hours ago
Yes, Lincoln was a fishy individual.
by LiveVegan - 4 hours ago
"Jimmy" please read what I actually wrote, rather than giving stupid knee-j.e.r.k reactions to what you thought I wrote. jimmy wrote: Your mistaken, it s not my opinion, ITS THE OPINION OF ...
by fstroupe - 5 hours ago
It is actually pretty simple. Nearly all of the problems in the South that has caused poverty in the past 145 years can be blamed on the unconstitutional invasion by the Union Army ...
by fstroupe - 6 hours ago
Thanks for that suggestion; will try that avenue. (I'm still following up one or two angles, but quickly running out of leads). Frank.
by fburns3333 - 14 hours ago
I have The digital file already I just couldn't here it is, thanks so much!
by Shannon - 1 day ago
There was never a battle at Grenada, but there should have been, besides a fairly large "camp", there was a large Quartermaster Corps warehouse, and the intersection of the Mississippi ...
by fstroupe - 1 day ago
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