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Honoring Mom In Civil War History by EastTennessee1948
I'm going to the Union side of my family tree for this post. My way of wishing all Mom's a Happy Mother's Day, 2017. This family of ancestor/relatives come from the maternal side of my family tree in east Tennessee. They migrated to n.w. Arkansas ...
What if Stuart had been there when Lee needed him at Gettysburg? by Taylor
With J.E.B. Stuart being out of the picture for 8 days, General Lee lost the valuable intelligence he would have gained if Stuart had been there. During the early phases of the battle, Lee simply didn't know how much of the Union army he was ...

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I'm looking to sell my signed and numbered Mort Kunstler Painting for $195. "...so close to the enemy". Fredericksburg . Mint condition with all the authenticity paperwork . ...
by Guest - 7 hours ago
Incompetent:"not competent; lacking qualification or ability; incapable: an incompetent candidate."I'm happy that Ajhall's blog on McClellan has been resurrected as it has spawned ...
by Taylor - 12 hours ago
Disease, starvation, heatstroke, and captivity.
by Taylor - 1 day ago
Nicely written Taylor :)
by Vale - 1 day ago
Thanks for trying Glenn. Yes, I've been on the Venango Cnty site. The three Shidelle men are not are not listed in any of the regiments there. Sure wish I could find info on them. It would ...
by Linda Shidell - 3 days ago

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