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Was Lincoln a fascist? by macreverie
I know our politically correct, abeophllic friends have already went berserk at the mere mention of their hero and the term ‘fascist’ in the same sentence above and they probably won’t be able to get beyond that title. They have ...
Lincoln let loose the scorpions by macreverie
Before we get into Lincoln and his scorpions let me get a relevant question definitively settled first. Is the Bible even relevant to a discussion of the history of the WBTS? That question has arisen lately on this forum. Some ...
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<email> .comGlenn
by EastTennessee1948 - 3 hours ago
I don't think it's nice to call us way behind, you shouldn't insult the South so much, that is considered bad manners down here, and I checked it out North Carolina is the real South, you ...
by Gettysburg Echos - 3 hours ago
Jeff Davis was much closer to being fascist then Lincoln unless of course the definition escapes you, which I believe it has.
by Gettysburg Echos - 4 hours ago
The cold hard truth is Rape was rampant on every plantation in the South, but fortunately the Union victory put an end to that vile behavior.
by Gettysburg Echos - 5 hours ago
UNC renames 1 building, puts 16-year freeze on renaming of any campus building, monument, etc Here are the details: www.dailytarheel.com/article/2015/05/saunders-renamed-carolina-hall
by Turn Hearts - 6 hours ago
Hey All, I have had an interest in AP Hill's Light Division for years. I have always believed their finest hour came during the last hours of the Battle of Sharpsburg when the Light ...
by Sgtredleg - 11 hours ago
First of all, have I ever asked you a question and then made requirements of how you are to answer the question saying you can't refer to this or that to force you to agree with me?  I ...
by Turn Hearts - 12 hours ago
Hi Mickey: I'm having difficulties again commenting on a blog as I keep getting the Forbidden 403 message. It's Macreveries "Lincoln a Fascist" blog and I'm not sure what the problem is ...
by Taylor - 13 hours ago
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