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The Columbiad cannonball by Ajhall
History of the Columbiad The Columbiad was an enormous weapon -- it would have to be to fire a 128 lb ball -- typically used in seacoast defense. They weren't used in combat very often due to their size and difficulty in moving and loading them. Most were mounted on rails in fixed fortifications. The Confederates got most of their supply from captured US stocks. Interestingly, they did use ...

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Hi everyone,I apologize about the delay on this, but we wanted to focus on releasing the mobile version. Once it's out the door we will get back to this.Thanks,Mickey.
by admin - 2 days ago
That is a huge cannonball! How were they produced so large and how were they moved around?
by Vale - 2 days ago
I ment the south please :dry:
by August - 2 days ago
what was the affect of the civil war on the plantation economy
by Guest - 2 days ago
What was the name of the Captain(s) of the Grattan Guards, Company I, of the Second Regiment of Maine throughout the Civil War?
by Guest - 3 days ago
Hello everyone,I'm thrilled to let you know we have completed the mobile support for the current version as well as a major revamp to the UI (graphics) of the entire site.What we haveAs a ...
by admin - 3 days ago
There could not have been much to a physical like you said, walking and able to chew soft foods. Woman got in so they could not have done much checking
by Grant - 3 days ago
I think an accurate assessment of Alexander Hamilton is fitting and not disparaging of the integrity of the founders at all.
by Seamuson - 4 days ago
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