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General Order No.9, April 10, 1865 by Gettysburg Echos
My feelings on the subject of Robert E Lee are known to most on this site, however a few days from now will be the anniversary of what I believe is one of the Great General's finest moments and why he garners deep respect from friend and foe ...
Dispelling American Civil War Myths by Taylor
"Civil War Surgeons Were Butchers Who Hacked Off Limbs Without Anesthesia" Private Milton E. Wallen of Company C, 1st Kentucky Cavalry, wounded by a Minié ball while in prison at Richmond, July 4, 1863. He was being treated for gangrene in ...

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Looking forward to seeing you around :-) Mickey.
by admin - 1 hour ago
Piesnchess:Thank you for your comments and I totally agree with your sentiments.
by Taylor - 2 hours ago
GE: In the context of your tirade from yesterday's post (I did consider deleting it ) I found your use of the word "innocuous" as it relates to my country (Oxford definition - "not ...
by Taylor - 2 hours ago
Had that happened, Lincoln would have been forced to sign an Armistace, ending the war, with the South a brand new Nation. History would have been turned on its head, not just in the US, ...
by piesnchess - 2 hours ago
Check out Don Troiani's book "Uniforms and Regiments" and chances are you will find the exact thing your looking for. He is the worlds foremost expert on the subject and a very accomplished ...
by Gettysburg Echos - 8 hours ago
They needed to defeat the Union Army. Is that what you meant? And gain the sovereignty they were so desperate for from what they believed to be an oppressive government and of course the ...
by Gettysburg Echos - 16 hours ago
That's a great question and the short answer is Yes but one would really have to expound on that. If you could concentrate on specifics it would be better, but an important question worth ...
by Gettysburg Echos - 16 hours ago
What would have changed had the union forces won at Manassas in july1861?
by Guest - 17 hours ago
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