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Moses Dallas: From The Official Records Of The Confederate & Union Navies by EastTennessee1948
Pay Voucher signed by Moses Dallas from the Confederate Navy Subject File "Compelled to increase the pay of Moses Dallas" from the Official Records "Increase of pay, approved " from the Official Records Mark Twain wrote, Pi

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Jimmy, you are correct in that Confederates got better treatment in pow camps than Union soldiers did. But you are obviously ignorant to the fact that the average Confederate soldier ate ...
by fstroupe - 1 hour ago
Equally, if most people actually went beyond the conventional wisdom rather than automatically swallowing the politically correct story that has been told for 150 years, and is still being ...
by fstroupe - 2 hours ago
I've recently had a computer crash. I've tried twice with no luck, to change my password. Still can't sign in Glenn
by Glenn- (East ... - 8 hours ago
Just curious. Did you ever sell the tent? <email>
by Joe Whitney - 17 hours ago
yes I understand it was staged. That spot is easily identifiable today though.
by macreverie - 23 hours ago
Welcome Mike...glad to have you with us!
by Taylor - 1 day ago
Any idea what SCLMA on the bottom of a CSA grave marker stands for? I've found a few things that indicate it was actually referencing Selma, AL, which is only about an hour and a half away ...
by Guest - 1 day ago
Hi Mike, why don't you write some original blogs for this site as well? We'd love to have the actual articles posted here and you have a lot to share!
by Vale - 2 days ago
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