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Steve. G.


I was going thru my wifes grandfathers items the other day and found this sword in his old golf bag. I have no idea what it is by the markings on it I believe it old.

On one side of the blade at the handle has stamped US G.K.C. 1865 on the other is Ames Mfg. Co. On the end of the handle is stamped G.W.C. as you will see in the photo's. The blade is rusty and there was no scabbard. Is it worth anything? If so where is a good place to do so.

Thanks for your time..


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Ron S.
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Looks like you have an Ames Model 1860 Light Calvary Saber. GKC stands for George K. Carter who was an inspector for Ames. The value of this saber runs from $150.00 to $250.00.

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