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I wanted to share a link I found, & hope members will enjoy the free digitized civil war memoir this link provides.

The author is Confederate veteran Randolh McKim of Maryland. When the war broke out McKim was a student @ the University of Virginia & was swept up in the excitement like so many others.
Although his family was of divided loyalty, McKim chose the Confederacy & would enlist in the 1st MD infantry CSA.
As an infantryman McKim saw action @ 1st Manasas, Jackson's Valley Campaign, & Seven Days outside Richmond.
When his unit's enlistment ended, McKim became a staff officer & remained so through the Gettysburg Campaign. Throughout his military career, he would be cited in official reports several times for bravery under fire.
In the fall of 1863 McKim, resigned his commission to finish his degree in theology. He soon rejoined the service as chaplain of the 2nd VA. Cav. The troopers of the 2nd VA. Cav. were initially astonished to see that thier new chaplain intended to accompany them on combat missions. They soon became excited & one yelled 'That's right Parson, You stick with us & we'll stick with you!' McKim served in this capacity until the end of the war...
He remained a man of God & his post war career saw McKim become the Episcopal Bishop of Washington D.C.
McKim was active in veteran affairs & participated annually in ceremonies for the Confederate dead buried @ Arlington Cemetery.

In the words of McKim himself:

'I HAVE set down in the pages that follow some of my experiences and observations during my service with the Army of Northern Virginia, first as a private soldier, then as a staff officer, and finally as a chaplain in the field. I served in the ranks under Gen. Jos. E. Johnston and Gen. Thos. J. Jackson; as a staff officer under Brigadier-Gen. Geo. H. Steuart in the army of Gen. R. E. Lee; and as a chaplain in the Second Virginia Cavalry under Col. Thos. T. Munford, in the brigade of Gen. Fitzhugh Lee.' -Rev. Randolph McKim

Hope you like the link & the memoir, I was excited to find it. Its provided digitized by the UNC & with funding by Library of Congress:

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