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I realize u can't put a price tag on a original civil war grave marker but just how much would one b wort day for instance. Not being disrespectful just curious

3 years ago#2
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Short answer: Not very much. They have no intrinsic value to anyone beyond the family. There isn't a collectible market for them. It's not (as far as I know) illegal to possess one. Morally acceptable? Depends on how the possessor came to have it.

2 years ago#3

uhh, ok whatever. if its original, its worth up to 500.00. **** to history.com american pickers.

2 years ago#4

It is a crime to buy, sell, or possess a veterans grave marker that has been removed from a grave.
The Markers were placed on Confederate graves by the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) during the turn of the last century up into the 1920's & 30's. The Crosses belong to the UDC. These Crosses are often times the only means to identify the grave as a Confederate Veteran. When someone removes one from a grave they are stealing as well as desecrating.

8 months ago#5
5 to 10 if things go right stealing or receiving stolen goods is illegal no matter if its 228 years 149 years or 100 years or less just think of someone who goes to a grave site because a family member lost there life in battle proud to replace the worn flag with a brand new one and the maker is gone someone broke his heart for a few bucks wtf
8 months ago#6
Marvin R Mller

How do you obtain a marker for a Civil War vetran unmarked as a Civil war Vet?
My wife wants to place a marker on her great grand fathers grave.

6 months ago#7
Randy Deese

Thank you for setting some of the people straight on this subject.
I am from Union County North Carolina bordering Chesterfield County South Carolina.
I am the PROUD descendent of three great great grandfathers & two great great great grandfathers who served proudly in the Confederate States Army. When I was a young man I remember seeing a lot of Southern Cross of Honor iron gravemarkers in many of our cemeteries, sadly for some reason, be it vandals , thieves or well let's be honest those are the only two sort of people that would take from a grave, they are very few and far between now. I hope someday to place one on each of my Confederate elders final resting places.

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