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N. Cook
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Since Thanksgiving is fast approaching, thought post about this Thanksgiving Hymn. The "President's Hymn" was composed by William Augustus Muhlenberg with music by Joseph W. Turner to commemorate the Thanksgiving Proclamation declared by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. It became very popular hymn and was published in several Church Hymnals.

The lyrics are:

"Give thanks, all ye people, give thanks to the Lord,
Alleluias of freedom, with joyful accord,
Let the east and the west, north and south roll along,
Sea, mountain and prairie, one thanksgiving song."

The Rev. William Augustus Muhlenberg was born in Philadelphia on Sept. 16, 1796. He came from a prominent family. He became an Episcopal clergyman and did much for eduction. He established St. Luke's Hospital in New York. He was a strong supporter of Lincoln. He asked to name the hymn for the president which Lincoln granted. He wrote other hymns and poems.

Dr. Muhlenberg died on April 6, 1877. There is a Memorial to him on Find A Grave.

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Interesting post, Donna.

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Ron S.
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I like! Thanks for sharing N. Cook!

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