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There's so much information on all of the skirmishes and battles from Gettysburg. Has anyone done a time-lapse of the different troop movemtns according to diary records and battle accounts? Sid Meier's Gettysburg was a PC game that would have been a great platform to do this. Does anyone know if any kind of thing like this has been done, computer simulation or not? Book diagrams don't really show the flow of battle. I'd really love to watch how Longstreet's orders were carried out on the second day.

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Dan. To the best of my knowledge this never has been done.

What would you say about us, here - you and me and all the members - starting such a project?

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how can i help?

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I saw an interesting show on "Discovery" ("Investigating History" I think) that looks at troop movements in Gettysburg from a scientific POV. Excellent graphics that help with understanding some of the inherent problems generals faced moving troops on the tactical level through the choke points naturally occuring in built-up areas.

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