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The Most Remarkable Survivor of the Civil War.
Jacob C. Miller, August 4, 1840-January 13, 1917. formerly a private in company K 9th Indiana Vol. Inf. was wounded in the head near the Brock Field at the Battle of Chickamauga on the morning of ...
by Rhea Cole
Smoothbore vs Rifled Muskets...Did They Really Make That Much Difference?
Introduction Ajhall issued the challenge, to prove whether or not the rifled musket really made that much difference in warfare, the conventional wisdom being that the greater accuracy of the ...
by fstroupe
African Heritage and Southern Hearts : "Free Persons Of Color" and Faithful Servants With The ...
Confederate Officer J W Comer And His Servant Burrell Courtesy of the Alabama Archives : J.W. Comer achieved the rank of 1st Sergeant and was stationed in Mobile and Pollard until 1864. Comer ...
by EastTennessee1948
The Social Dip, Southern Women Loved Their Snuff
In her article, 'The "Social Dip": Tobacco Use by Mid-19th Century Southern Women" Vicki Betts chronicles tobacco use by Southern women. Her intent is to provide background information for ...
by Rhea Cole
Mary <email> : "Please Don't Let Me Fall"
The case against Mary <email> is still the subject of much controversy and debate, even one hundred and fifty years after this complex woman swung from the gallows on a sweltering hot day in July. ...
by Taylor
Adelicia & Isaac Franklin, a real life beauty & the beast.
adelicia Acklen
In my blog, 'Fort Negley; the Confederacy was a Deadman Walking', Signal Officer Captain McClintock describes signalizing from atop the water tower in the garden of Belmont mansion in Nashville. He ...
by Rhea Cole
The Confederate Half-Brothers, And Brothers-In-Law, Of Mary Todd Lincoln
President Lincoln reportedly once said of his wife's family, "God Almighty is perfectly content having one "d" at the end of his name. The Todds insist on having two". The strained relationship ...
by EastTennessee1948
General Robert E. Lee’s Ceremonial Sword
General Lee with his Sword
On the 9th of April 1865 Confederate General Robert E. Lee put on his best dress uniform and donned his ceremonial sword then set of on his horse Traveler. His distention was the home of Wilmer and ...
by Ron S.
Was Lincoln a fascist?
I know our politically correct, abeophllic friends have already went berserk at the mere mention of their hero and the term ‘fascist’ in the same sentence above and they probably ...
by macreverie
Confederate Battle Flag Carried By The 13th North Carolina Infantry
David & Rebecca Knight Land Family 1860.jpg
Formerly the 3rd North Carolina Volunteers were formed at Garysburg, North Carolina in May 1861 with 1,100 men recruited in the Counties of Caswell, Mecklenburg, Davie, Edgecombe, and Rockingham. It ...
by EastTennessee1948
The Boy Battalion and The Battle of Chehaw Station
The Boy Battalion and Battle of Chehaw Station (Also known as the Battle of Beasely's Tank or Beasely"s Farm) By late 1863 the Confederacy was entering her "darkest hour". The Blockade was becoming ...
by macreverie
Slavery the Principal Cause? Nope
I post this as a seeker, not one who intends this in any way as a dogmatic assertion or conclusion based on volumes of historical analysis. As I am not a professional historian I do not have the ...
by Seamuson
Newton Knight: Hero Of Jones County or Outlaw?
Jones swamp 2.jpg
Newton (Newt) Knight’s story is little known and was exciting for me to recently discover. A farmer and eventually Confederate soldier, Newt led a group of fighters in an attempt to secede ...
by Taylor
Controversy and tragedy at Burnside Bridge!
the Burnside Bridge
September 17th, 1862 shortly after 9am. Col. Kingsbury of the 11th Conn. led his regiment into their baptism by fire. The mission was to secure the stone bridge and establish a foot hold on the west ...
by Mike D.
The Civil War's Influence On The Life Theodore Roosevelt
View of Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession, April 25, 1865, showing the home of Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt at the corner of Broadway and Union Square in New York. Two children are ...
by EastTennessee1948
Civil War Snipers
John Sedgewick, By Brian0918 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons My favorite last words are those of Yankee general John Sedgwick. He was berating some of his staff for ...
by fstroupe
CSS H.L. Hunley
The CSS H.L.Hunley was the forerunner of the modern submarine and its very existence was a marvel at the time. The "Fish Boat" as it was called, was built in Mobile Alabama from an old boiler... ...
by Mike D.
An American Hero
Back in the 1990s I was very active in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and otherwise an activist for the promotion and preservation of Confederate heritage. During that time I often heard of a ...
by fstroupe
The economic causes of the civil war
I have lately come to the opinion that slavery per se had nothing to do with starting the war, rather, economics is at the heart of the issue. The South was a voting bloc in the Congress and ...
by Seamuson
Battle of the Cedars, the Third & General Forrest's Last Battle of Murfreesboro 1864
The last days of fall 1864 in Middle Tennessee were dark, wet, temperatures swapping between freeze & thaw like a whipsaw. No sane person would go camping at that time of year, let alone fight a ...
by Rhea Cole
Library of Congress: Liljenquist family Collection
I was searching the extensive collection of Civil War photographs on the Library of Congress web site and found the new Liljenquist Family collection. This is a wonderful collection of Civil War era ...
by Mike D.
Slaveholding in Northern States
Today I had a curious encounter with a woman who had sought me out as an amateur Civil War historian. She had read the text of a lecture I give on the realities of slaveholding in Middle Tennessee in ...
by Rhea Cole
Christian Revival in the Confederate Armies 1863-1865.
WARNING: this blog post contains material of a religious and spiritual nature. If you are offended and/or amused by such topics, you may return directly to the Forum by clicking HERE. Please ...
by fstroupe
The Legendary Winan's Confederate steam gun.
Winan Steam Cannon
For years I've heard tidbits here and there about a wonder weapon produced for the Confederates and captured by the Yankee's in 1861. This mean Confederate steam machine, was reported as an early ...
by Mike D.
Holt Collier : Slave, Confederate Soldier, Cowboy, Big Game Hunter, And Presidential Hunting Guide
I was in Gen.Ross’ Brigade, Colonel Dudley Jones Regiment and Captain. Perry Evans Company I 9th Texas Cavalry Regiment. My Old Colonel. gave me a horse.... one of three fine race horses he ...
by EastTennessee1948
The "General" & The Great Locomotive Chase"
One of my favourite WBTS stories is that of the infamous “Great Locomotive Chase” which although ended up with dire consequences for some, still remains a daring tale of sabotage and ...
by Taylor
John Salling : The Confederacy's Last "Peter-Monkey"
There's no debate that John Salling died on March 15, 1959. What is up for debate, is the year he was born. At the time of his death, he was recognized as one of the last three surviving veterans ...
by EastTennessee1948
Confederate Guerrilla Marcellus Jerome Clarke: Alias "Sue Mundy"
Sue Mundy was a fictional female Confederate guerrilla character. "She" was created by George D. Prentice, the controversial anti-Catholic, anti-emigrant editor of the Louisville Journal, (now the ...
by EastTennessee1948
What if Stuart had been there when Lee needed him at Gettysburg?
With J.E.B. Stuart being out of the picture for 8 days, General Lee lost the valuable intelligence he would have gained if Stuart had been there. During the early phases of the battle, Lee simply ...
by Taylor
Phenomenal Women: Unsung Heroes of the American Civil War
women of civil war.jpg
So much focus has been paid to the courageous men who fought brilliantly on both sides of the war, that we tend to forget the war efforts of the women who were left behind, and the enormous ...
by Taylor
Monocacy: "The Battle That Saved Washington"
While researching something totally unrelated, I came across a daring raid led by General Jubal A. Early into the outskirts of Washington in the summer of 1864. This little known battle, or at least ...
by Taylor
The Confedrate Flag Despised and Adored, My Thoughts
Open painting
It is hated and loved, despised and adored, scorned and respected, a symbol of slavery and symbol of freedom, a symbol of dishonor a symbol of honor. Al Sharpton a Civil Rights Activist stated at ...
by Ron S.
Joseph Wheeler destroyed the Confederacy.... but not on purpose.
It is impossible to understand Civil War military operations without a basic understanding of horses. Unlike a car, you don't just come home, put it in the barn & go on about your business. ...
by Rhea Cole
Forrest's Raid, the First Battle of Murfreesboro 1862
Murfreesboro 1862 copy.jpg
On June 10, 1862, Major General Don Carlos Buel began a ponderous advance on Chattanooga. His slow motion operation allowed the Confederates ample time to mount a counter move. In one of the ...
by Rhea Cole
Honored Tennesseans : Two Union, One Confederate
Meet two Union recipients of the Congressional Medal Of Honor. Both from Hawkins County in east Tennessee. Hawkins is a neighboring county of mine. The Confederate was from Middle Tennessee with ...
by EastTennessee1948
Best Article Ever on the Declaration of Causes for Secession.
In the last few days, I have had an article forwarded to me by an unusual collection of historians, scholastic, National Park, & living history. Believe me when I say that this does not happen ...
by Rhea Cole
The Real William Pinkney Inman Of Cold Mountain
He was born in 1840. The sixth of eight children (6 boys 2 girls), born to Joshua and Mary Smith Inman in the Bethel Community of Haywood County, NC. Only two of their six sons would survive the ...
by EastTennessee1948
Why did Southerners vote for secession?
Here (in my humble opinion at least) is the list of reasons (in descending order of importance/influence) that led the vast majority of the electorate of the South (something on the order of more ...
by macreverie
"Soldiers Heart" & "Frozen Death"
File:Insane Asylum New Orleans 1864.jpg
New Orleans Insane Asylum, 1864 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association, is an anxiety/emotional disorder which stems from a particular incident evoking ...
by Taylor
Who is William Merrill ? Hint... He is the Man Who Made Union Victory in the West Possible.
William Merrill
If you do not recognize this man, you are not alone. It is not too much to say that everyone who has studied the Civil War in the Western Theater has, at the very least, seen his name many, many ...
by Rhea Cole

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