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Did you know the last Confederate town was in NY state? by Vale
In New York state, there is a small town called "Town Line". It was just a bit of an old railroad stop but ... During World War II, it was discovered that Town Line had not rejoined the Union, and on 26 January 1946, Town Line voted to ...
Lewis Wallace: Disgraced General to Best Selling Author by Taylor
Lewis (Lew) Wallace was born on April 10, 1827, in Brookville, Indiana. His lifetime achievements are a fascinating tale - from General Grant using him as his scapegoat at Shiloh, to that of becoming a best selling novelist in 1880. Lew ...

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Does anyone have a bust of Patrick Cleburne by Ron Tunison they are willing to sell? It was done as a fund raiser but I never saw any details.
by cbray - 1 day ago
looking for a Roster of the 5th US Cavalry during the CW. Any web or other sites?
by Klink - 1 day ago
I am writing a history of the 118th OVI. I have a FB page 118th OVI civil war . Don't trust the Ohio Rosters I have found them very inaccurate. Go to my page with his name and I'll see what ...
by Mike - 2 days ago
Has anybody successfully used the new Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Soldier look-up that showed up this PM? Having trouble getting info.
by Klink - 2 days ago
President Abraham Lincoln On a Gardner Civil War Cdv. I have several hundred Cdv's for sale. From Lincoln,Custer,Lee,Confederate General's and Also Union General's. ...
by gatorvintage - 4 days ago
Madison_Anders, please do not copy and paste text from other sites without properly giving credit to the original author. Additionally, please do not copy and paste more than 1 or 2 ...
by Vale - 4 days ago
Madison_Anders, please do not simply copy and paste text from Wikipedia. Please post original text and contribute your own thoughts, opinions and research about the Civil War.
by Vale - 4 days ago

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