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Lewis Wallace: Disgraced General to Best Selling Author by Taylor
Lewis (Lew) Wallace was born on April 10, 1827, in Brookville, Indiana. His lifetime achievements are a fascinating tale - from General Grant using him as his scapegoat at Shiloh, to that of becoming a best selling novelist in 1880. Lew ...
Nathan B. Forrest: A Man Without Rest by Taylor
I watched in horror when 4 days before Christmas, the statue of Nathan B. Forrest was pulled to the ground in Memphis, Tennessee, to cheering crowds. Jefferson Davis’ statue in New Orleans had been removed months prior to this, and I ...

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Such a tale needs to be told.thank you.
by Koko - 6 hours ago
My wife and I visited the Antietam Battlefield some years ago. After completing our visit we departed from the visitor parking we drove slowly down a short winding road to the park exit. On ...
by Guest - 2 days ago
I am searching for information on Lieutenant Colonel Robert C Forsyth. He was at Fort Morgan and apparently resigned (?) I am living in the house that his son John Benjamin Forsyth built in ...
by Champion2017 - 2 days ago
Can anyone tell me how much this could be worth?
by Jwanseth - 2 days ago
Have an 1860 sword from an estate Can be cleaned up. But have left it as is. Want to sell it. Any idea of its value? https://w
by Ben - 2 days ago
Look into Revolutionary War Royal 5-1/2" mortars or Royal 5-1/2" brass howitzers. They fired 16 lb rounds.
by Val - 2 days ago
You can contact me directly with a list of the sculptures you would like to sell. I would very interested in a package deal.
by cbray - 3 days ago

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