Did You Know The Last Confederate Town Was In NY State?


In New York state, there is a small town called “Town Line”. It was just a bit of an old railroad stop but ...

During World War II, it was discovered that Town Line had not rejoined the Union, and on 26 January 1946, Town Line voted to officially join the Union.

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According to Colleen whose family lived in the town at the time -

There is information at the Alden Historical Society (which is the closest actual town in Alden). The original desk that was used when the signers put their names on the list is there (my great-great grandfather Foster B Kidder was one of the signers). I still live in Alden, and many of my Kidder family still lives in the area. My uncle Alton was the family historian who died in the 60’s and gave most of the Townline History to the Alden Historical Society (TL is too small to have their own). They rejoined the Union in the 1940’s, had a big parade, and rejoined on the same desk!

Image of the fire department patch posted by YankeeReb

Another user Pop wrote:

Posted on The Southern War Room forum by member Dessie

I called the Town Line Vol. Fire Dept today and talked to a gentleman named Dave. He has been a member there for 30 yrs. He was very open with talking to me about the history of the area. The above patch is their current uniform patch and is based on the fact that in 1863 a group of locals wanted to secede from the union. The reasons he told me were 1) for States Rights and 2) in opposition to the way Southern POW’s were being treated at the prison in Elmira. After the war the people did not vote to rejoin the union. It wasn’t until Truman sent a letter to them in 1946 that they did, although from the way I understand what he told me, it took them a while to decide that. He also told me that 2 other areas close by voted to secede as well, but went back before Town Line did.

For more information, you can read the Buffalo History Gazette:

Hamlet of Town Line Heads South in 1861

More can be read here as well: Today in History (scroll down about halfway)

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