President Lincoln's "Chiriqui Project:" Doomed For Failure
On December 31, 1862, President Lincoln connected his name to a document known as "The Chiriqui Project," which has long fascinated me, not only because it was carried out in secrecy, (Lincoln ...
by Taylor
Music: President Lincoln Asks the Band to Play “Dixie” Here is a choral version:
by Turn Hearts
Jefferson Davis: Senator, Secretary of War, President
From a newsletter: Jefferson Davis American Soldier, Senator, Secretary of War, President Born 3 June, 1808 A West Point graduate, Davis distinguished himself in the Mexican-American War as a
by dylan
Video: Abe Lincoln: Worst President Ever?
Abe Lincoln: Worst President Ever? Fox Business (Video) Dylan
by dylan
Assassination report of President Abraham Lincoln
The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum released a recently discovered document written by young army surgeon, Dr Charles A Leale, who was the first doctor at the mortally wounded ...
by Donny
Which US president was dubbed Lucky was also a wrestler and is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fam
He stands more than 6 feet in height. He was also a general store owner, post master and lawyer before he was elected.
by Marra M
Who convince President Lincoln to accept African American soldiers into the US Army & Navy?
He commandered a Confederate transport ship CSS Planter, in Charleston harbor to the US blockade. He was brave enough to control the ship from the Confederate controlled waters into the US. He gain ...
by Marra M
Who was the last slaveowner to be US president?
Surprising our stereotypes: So who was the last slaveowner to be US president? Gregg Clemmer DC Civil War Heritage Examiner ...
by dylan
What future president served under another future president, and was promoted to 2nd Lt at Antietam?
What future president served under another future president, and was promoted to second lieutenant at the Battle of Antietam?
by Vale
Which Union general also ran for President?
A. Ulysses S. Grant B. George McClellan C. Winfield Scott Hancock D. Arthur McArthur E. Daniel Sickles
by Vale
President Jefferson Davis's Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1862
... mation, 1862 From: Bernhard Thuersam Below is the first Thanksgiving Proclamation by an American president, actually delivered on 4 September, 1862. ...
by dylan
Who was this US President during the Civil War that was once a shopkeeper and lawyer?
He fought against slavery. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth who was a southern sympathizer.
by Marra M
"The President's Hymn" a Thanksgiving Song
Since Thanksgiving is fast approaching, thought post about this Thanksgiving Hymn. The "President's Hymn" was composed by William Augustus Muhlenberg with music by Joseph W. Turner to commemorate the ...
by N. Cook
Two days before his inauguration as president of the Confederacy, where did...
Two days before his inauguration as president of the Confederacy, where did Jefferson Davis give a speech?
by Vale
An odd item to Find In President Lincoln's Wallet
What unusual item was found in President Lincoln's wallet after his death? Bonus: Name any other items found besides the above.
by Taylor
The Confederate Half-Brothers, And Brothers-In-Law, Of Mary Todd Lincoln
President Lincoln reportedly once said of his wife's family, "God Almighty is perfectly content having one "d" at the end of his name. The Todds insist on having two". The strained relationship ...
by EastTennessee1948
Nullification / Secession The 1833 Force Act authorized President Andrew Ja...
Nullification / Secession The 1833 Force Act authorized President Andrew Jackson to use force, for one year, to prevent the State of South Carolina from seceding, after South Carolina had invoked ...
by Guest
Who was US President during the American Civil War who held the job of hangman?
He was sheriff of Erie County, New York twice. He was said to be tough on crime which led him to act as hangman during this period 1861 to 1865.
by Marra M
Myth De-Bunked: John Hanson not the First President of the USA
Myth # 88: John Hanson was the real first president of the United States. by marymiley John Hanson This resilient myth has been around for more than one hundred years, as his descendants have ...
by dylan
American Statesman, Soldier, Senator, Secretary of War, President
American Statesman, Soldier, Senator, Secretary of War, President A West Point graduate, Davis distinguished himself in the Mexican-American War as a colonel of the Mississippi Rifles volunteer ...
by dylan
Holt Collier : Slave, Confederate Soldier, Cowboy, Big Game Hunter, And Presidential Hunting Guide
I was in Gen.Ross’ Brigade, Colonel Dudley Jones Regiment and Captain. Perry Evans Company I 9th Texas Cavalry Regiment. My Old Colonel. gave me a horse.... one of three fine race horses he ...
by EastTennessee1948
Newton Knight: Hero Of Jones County or Outlaw?
Newton (Newt) Knight’s story is little known and was exciting for me to recently discover. A farmer and eventually Confederate soldier, Newt led a group of fighters in an attempt to secede ...
by Taylor
Mary <email> : "Please Don't Let Me Fall"
The case against Mary <email> is still the subject of much controversy and debate, even one hundred and fifty years after this complex woman swung from the gallows on a sweltering hot day in July. ...
by Taylor
General Robert E. Lee’s Ceremonial Sword
On the 9th of April 1865 Confederate General Robert E. Lee put on his best dress uniform and donned his ceremonial sword then set of on his horse Traveler. His distention was the home of Wilmer and ...
by Ron S.
Did the Dred Scott Decision Actually Cause the War?
I recently made a comment in a post to the effect that if you didn't study American politics for the 40 or so years leading up to the secession of the Southern states, there was no way you could ...
by fstroupe
Rich Man's War: Poor Man's Bounty Jumping
Rich Man’s War. Poor Man’s Fight. How often these few simple words have been bandied about over the years when attempting to capture some of the more mercenary aspects of the ...
by Taylor
John Salling : The Confederacy's Last "Peter-Monkey"
There's no debate that John Salling died on March 15, 1959. What is up for debate, is the year he was born. At the time of his death, he was recognized as one of the last three surviving veterans ...
by EastTennessee1948
Adelicia & Isaac Franklin, a real life beauty & the beast.
In my blog, 'Fort Negley; the Confederacy was a Deadman Walking', Signal Officer Captain McClintock describes signalizing from atop the water tower in the garden of Belmont mansion in Nashville. He ...
by Rhea Cole
African Heritage and Southern Hearts : "Free Persons Of Color" and Faithful Servants With The ...
J.W. Comer achieved the rank of 1st Sergeant and was stationed in Mobile and Pollard until 1864. Comer joined the Alabama 27th Infantry Regiment as a Lieutenant in 1864 and followed them to ...
by EastTennessee1948
Phenomenal Women: Unsung Heroes of the American Civil War
So much focus has been paid to the courageous men who fought brilliantly on both sides of the war, that we tend to forget the war efforts of the women who were left behind, and the enormous ...
by Taylor
The Civil War's Influence On The Life Theodore Roosevelt
View of Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession, April 25, 1865, showing the home of Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt at the corner of Broadway and Union Square in New York. Two children are ...
by EastTennessee1948
An American Hero
Back in the 1990s I was very active in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and otherwise an activist for the promotion and preservation of Confederate heritage. During that time I often heard of a ...
by fstroupe
Controversy and tragedy at Burnside Bridge!
September 17th, 1862 shortly after 9am. Col. Kingsbury of the 11th Conn. led his regiment into their baptism by fire. The mission was to secure the stone bridge and establish a foot hold on the west ...
by Mike D.
Battle of the Cedars, the Third & General Forrest's Last Battle of Murfreesboro 1864
The last days of fall 1864 in Middle Tennessee were dark, wet, temperatures swapping between freeze & thaw like a whipsaw. No sane person would go camping at that time of year, let alone fight a ...
by Rhea Cole
Mary Todd Lincoln: An Unfairly Vilified First Lady?
Born on December 13, 1818, to Robert and Eliza Todd, the child who was destined to become First Lady of the United States, Mary’s early beginnings were that of a pampered child, whose father ...
by Taylor
The Civil War's Version Of Bonnie And Clyde : Keith and Malinda Blaylock Union Partisans or Yankee ...
It all depended on the side one was on ! William McKesson "Keith" Blaylock and Sarah Malinda Pritchard were born in the mid-late 1830's in the shadow of Grandfather Mountain in western NC. ...
by EastTennessee1948
Lewis Wallace: Disgraced General to Best Selling Author
Lewis (Lew) Wallace was born on April 10, 1827, in Brookville, Indiana. His lifetime achievements are a fascinating tale - from General Grant using him as his scapegoat at Shiloh, to that of ...
by Taylor
General Ulysses S Grant's CW Presentation Sword
... f-a-kind, the only example of historical significance in private hands.Presented to the future 18th president of the United States by the citizens of Kentucky who gave this stunning token of their ...
by Gettysburg Echos
What Were Confederate Soldiers Fighting For?
As of November 1864, Confederate soldiers were fighting for a government whose president and other leaders were openly advocating emancipating slaves who would serve in the Confederate army and ...
by Mike Griffith
Slavery: The Root Cause of the Civil War
It says a lot that 150 years after the fact there is still a significant degree of debate on the role of slavery in causing the most momentous conflict in our country's history. I feel there is a ...
by Ajhall

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