What if you could interview...

What if you could interview 2 figures during the time of the WBTS? Who would they be and what setting would you use as a backdrop? And what would your questions be?

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Hi Taylor. I think I would interview one from the North, and one from the South. From the North, I would interview Joshua Chamberlain. I'd probably want to spend some time with him a few years after the war ended. From the South I'd opt for Stonewall Jackson, after Fredericksburg.

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If you said 3, I would have been all set, they would have been President Davis and Generals Forrest and Longstreet.
But since I only get two, one would definitely be President Jefferson Davis. Many times over the years, I've seen the picture I've included of him sitting on a bench at Beauvoir in 1885, and always think the same thing, how I would so love to spend the day with him there at Beauvoir talking about his life. So that covers the who and backdrop of my first choice.

I believe my second choice would be General Forrest. I only choose him over General Longstreet because after the war, Longstreet was scapegoated by those who wanted to deify Lee and distract from their own shortcomings, and Longstreet only fueled that fire when he continued his prewar friendship with Grant and went to work for the Federal government. As a result, he spent too much time defending himself, and was no doubt understandably bitter because he was being attacked instead of heralded for his outstanding service, and I would be afraid too much of that would be coming through when talking to him, and that's the only reason I would choose Forrest as my second choice, (but would still like to talk to both).

Forrest, what do I need to say as to why I would want to interview him, he had an incredible life and was a very interesting and incredible natural born fighting man. As for the backdrop, I wouldn't care where I got to talk with him, just getting to spend time with him and listening to him talk about his life would be all that mattered. That's also true of President Davis, I would be glad to talk with him anywhere, but Beauvoir just seemed like a natural choice for the location if I had my choosing.

If I was forced to choose one from the south and one from the north, then my choices would be President Davis and Joshua Chamberlain. Chamberlain, for a college professor, turned out to be an excellent leader, and he also had respect for the Confederate troops and never failed to recognize their bravery and devotion to their cause.

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